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Genuine Care, Compassion, and Comfort

Support Groups & Workshops

The Grief Recovery Method

8 weeks, 2 hours per week

The Grief Recovery method is a class developed by the Grief Recovery Institute that is led by a certified Grief Recovery Specialist. This class will help you to move beyond loss and into a more rewarding life.

Classes include fees and limited scholarships maybe available.

Understanding Your Grief

7-8 weeks, Offered once a year

Understanding Your Grief, based on the work of Alan Wofelt PH.D., is a class that focuses on gaining a better understanding of your grief. Join with other grievers to find a way toward health, greater peace and belief in a meaningful future.

Classes include fees and limited scholarships maybe available.

Traumatic Loss: Surviving Sudden Loss

X weeks, X hours per week

When a loss is sudden and unexpected or when a death is violent, the loss may be traumatic for the bereaved person. Sudden Loss can create unique problems for those left behind. Grief is often intensified, physical and mental health problems may arise and this class will provide tools that can ease the pain.

Classes include fees and limited scholarships maybe available.

Hope for the Holidays

X week, X hours per week

The holiday season is typically a time for celebration and joy. However, if you have experienced a loss this year, thoughts of the approaching holiday season can cause anxiety, apprehension and even dread. Please join us for workshop highlighting ideas to handle the holidays and other special occasions throughout the year.


Open Door: Grief Support

12:30-2:30pm, every Wednesday

Drop in to Hambly House to [blank].

Memorial Funeral Home sponsors our support groups and educational workshops through Community Connections.