You are not alone.

Grief is challenging, healing is possible and there is hope.

I want to learn

We train you with tools to heal.

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We specialize in helping you heal from troubles.

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We have many resources to help you through.

Who are we?

Over 32 years of clinical social work experience helping people with a broad range of problems.

Support Groups & Workshops

We offer support groups and educational workshops.

The Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery method is a class developed by the Grief Recovery Institute that is led by a certified Grief Recovery Specialist. This class will help you to move beyond loss and into a more rewarding life.

Understanding Your Grief

Understanding Your Grief, based on the work of Alan Wofelt PH.D., is a class that focuses on gaining a better understanding of your grief. Join with other grievers to find a way toward health, greater peace and belief in a meaningful future.

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We’re ready to help you heal when you are.

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